Membership Application

As a new or returning Chamber member, it is important to your membership that we have current and accurate information on file in order to fully serve your organization.

General Information

Business Contact Details and Employees

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Part-time employees

Business Category

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Membership Category

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State owned Enterprises, Outer Island Associate Chambers, Foreign Companies
More than 20 full time employees And/or More than one Branch
Turnover of more than $12,000 One branch with Less than 20 full time employees, (example’s Bus Operator, Retail) or Professional Service Provider (example’s Legal, Accountant, Consultant)
Turnover of $12,000 or less. Example: Small Family Village Shop, Handicraft Maker, temporary roadside seller)


To complete your registration, you must pay the amount according to your chosen Membership Category.  You can either make your payment by visiting the office or deposit it to our Bank account.  If you choose the latter, then please refer to the following information.


Bank Name: ANZ Kiribati

Bank Account: Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Bank Account Number: 00000

After you make the payment, please send to the confirmation details so we can facilitate your registration quickly.