President's message


As we begin our new Chamber year, a global pandemic remains on our mind, heavy in our hearts, and a recovering economy is our singular focus.

The challenges of COVID-19 are affecting businesses and communities and livelihoods world-wide, and all of us feel its stinging impact right here at home in The City Beautiful.

Our local business community has been devastated, but yet, we remain resolved. That is our role as a Chamber and as a champion for local businesses. We must look to the future and our collective recovery. We are the voice for local businesses.

Over the past few years, we have trying our very best to negotiate with the government on ways to help Private Sectors in Kiribati in any arising matter that every member of KCCI have.

Now, our Chamber joins these many committees that the government have which will help the Private sectors to have a voice in each of these government committees.

The Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been working on how the chamber has been assisting business, both domestically and globally, while diligently serving our resident, employee and visitor populations. With a focus on balanced growth and robust job creation, together with a superior lifestyle designed for live, work, learn and play, the Chamber leads the way in our business community.

To all businesses in Kiribati that have not joined KCCI and seeking new partners or need the Chamber to assist you in any way, we say join us as we help you make KCCI a home for your businesses!

And to our Members, we salute you and value your enduring commitment on making the Private Sector in Kiribati as the engine of Economic Growth and Development. The past few years have been tough and painful, but together, we will endure, survive and thrive.

We encourage you to take advantage of the renowned restaurants, shops and stores, hotels, health care companies, security firms, shipping lines and other businesses or companies under KCCI!

As we like to say to our members, ‘achieving more together to a better economy’ We are on the road to recovery, and you are an essential ingredient to our success.

Now, let’s “Come Together” and build toward a dynamic future!

Mr Kautoa Tonganibeia

President, KCCI