Mission and Vision

The KCCI Road Map envisions a healthy and dynamic private sector that is vital for Kiribati to achieve its long-term economic growth.  KCCI, in pursing this vision will be guided by its missions which manifested into the following principles and business values

  • Ensure strong integrity within the business community and promote a healthy competition among members, and to allow small businesses to grow through concerted support of big companies
  • Promote customer-based approach, effectiveness and efficiency in delivering business outcomes for the public at large and business partners
  • Embedding accountability and transparency in the decision-making process to maintain and cement new and ongoing partnerships with the government and all other partners
  • Maintain vitality of KCCI as a political neutral entity and ensure close partnership with the government as an important commercial arm of the government for driving strategic growth of the national economy and to ensure legal, social and economic obligations of all its members are observed.